Switching from AT&T Wireless to H2O Wireless


  • We had an AT&T family plan of 3 lines.
  • We are trying to move 1 line out to H2O wireless (because that person has very little usage of talk/text/data but kind of need to have one still, making paying for even the smallest plan of AT&T not worth it).
  • Contract is long over.
  • We want to keep the number, so we have to do a “port in” request.
  • We want to use a pre-paid plan on H2O wireless.

Quick FAQ

  1. Do I have to cancel via AT&T first? How do I cancel?
    No. When you successfully submit the “port in request” and it gets done, your AT&T line will be automatically cancelled.
    So you don’t have to deal with AT&T’s cancellation specialist who will try to sell you on staying.
  2. Do I need to unlock my phone?
    In most cases yes. Unless the provider you’re switching to is an AT&T reseller who lets you use locked AT&T phones. (H2O Wireless claims to be one, but to be safe, I unlocked my phone anyway before switching. No harm in doing that.)
  3. How do I change a SIM card on an iPhone?
    Use a paperclip. It’s honestly really as easy as sticking a folded paperclip in a hole, let the card slot pop out, change the SIM card, and push it back in. You don’t even have to turn off your phone to do it.
  4. There’s SIM, micro-SIM, and nano-SIM. Which one does my iPhone use?
    Use this page to figure out.
    Also, a SIM card and a micro-SIM card typically get sold as one nowadays. It will basically be a micro-SIM card that is contained within a SIM card adapter (similar to micro-SD and SD cards). It can be easily popped in and out of it.

Step 1: Unlocking the phone

  1. Visit AT&T’s Device Unlock request page. Go through the process (which involves filling out your account info, phone info like IMEI number, etc. Pretty easy, nothing you can’t easily find on your phone already.)
  2. They send you a verification email, where you have to click a link to verify.
  3. Assuming your phone qualifies (basically, contract is over, phone is not stolen, and you’re still an AT&T customer), it will be processed in 5 minutes or so, and you will receive a success email.
  4. The success email will lay out the steps you have to take which is basically: Plug your phone into your computer, get on iTunes, do a backup & restore.

Step 2: Order from H2O

Step 3: Once your SIM card arrives, submit Port In Request

Step 4: Wait, and maybe call customer service.

Step 5: Your old AT&T SIM card should lose service, now you can change it out.

Step 6: Change your APN profile


March 2018 Update




Lead Engineer @knockdotcom. Previously, Principal @drop, CTO @CoinTent, Architect @Zynga.

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Bigi Lui

Bigi Lui

Lead Engineer @knockdotcom. Previously, Principal @drop, CTO @CoinTent, Architect @Zynga.

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